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WJEC Applied ICT A Level
WJEC Applied ICT A Level
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AQA Applied A Level ICT
AQA Applied A Level ICT


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These are testing sites or content I host for other people. The exist as their own little website and generally have no links from the main site (other than from here of course).

Fromus centre site - designed by the lovely Megan (the lovely one note, not that other one :-) )

Pastel - by Kerrie and Ben (who are also lovely of course). PASTEL are a Community Interest Company who operate in Saxmundham. They operate the Fromus Centre as well as other activities in the area. Don Tricker commissioned both sites which were produced at school as an integral part of the students' A Level work

AVS - a potential layout for the Alde Valley School site which was never developed

Milicent Garrett Fawcett - produced by the lovely Katie as part of her extended project work. The team won the Time Team Your Town competition, although I'm not sure the site we built necessarily contributed massively towards that

Jim - some sample pages for Jim (who is... (you get the idea)). Jim now works in IT. I like to think I may have contributed a little towards that (although whether that's a good or a bad thing I don't know)

Purely Metal - a sample for a local metal working company that, due to a number of things, was never fully developed

Dave the Hamster - best not to ask...

Out & About - a transfer project used by our feeder middle schools (before the county council decided they'd like to choose the worst moment in history to close them)

Saxons - some work one of my children did for school on Saxon places in Suffolk

Oxbridge Guide - a PDF resource that came from a very old newsgroup (yes, I remember newsgroups) but that may still be vaguely relevant.

Think Click - a training SPB for CiDA