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AQA Computer Science GCSE

Programming projects – Celebrity Dogs

This is a complex project.

It's based on a piece of coursework that was set by AQA in 2019. It uses some of the ideas from that and a list of the names of Celebrity Dogs.

There's a lot of work here to get things to work properly. Don't worry too much about that – it's the idea of how to handle 2-dimensional arrays that's really powerful.

Here's the project outline:

PDF iconCelebrity Dogs Project Outline

There are two files you'll need:

PDF icondogsdata.txt - save this into a folder

PDF icondogsprog.txt - open this and copy and paste the contents into a Python file in IDLE. Make sure that the Python file is saved in the same folder as the dogsdata.txt file.

Run the program to see what the list of dogs looks like.

Then comment out the line of code at the end of the program which called the printList subroutine.

Then start to program...