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This course is made up of four units. The units I'm dealing with are:

This means that 75% of the mark is made up of portfolio units.

Plagiarism and Referencing

Copying what other people have written is not allowed in this course.

If you copy someone else's words, that's called plagiarism. It doesn't matter if it's from a book, a website or from off the board.

It's really easy for markers to spot. Trust me - it's so obvious. And it's a big deal. You will get 0 marks for the section of work and could get into serious trouble with the exam board.

You can't just change the odd word either. This is called paraphrasing someone else's work. If you do that too closely it will still get you in trouble.

You can take other people's ideas and put them in your own words. If you do this, you need to say where the ideas came from. This is called referencing.

How to Reference

You need to make clear in your work that you have taken someone else's idea and reworded it. You can do this by adding a reference in brackets after the sentence or paragraph you wrote.

You do this like this:

Book: Garfield S (2010) 'Just my type: a book about fonts'. London: Profile Books.

That's: Author (Date published) 'Title'. Where published: publisher.

Website: Regan A (2017) 'The changing nature of typefaces', BBC website ( [2 June 2019]

That's: Author (Date) 'Title', Website (web address) [Date you looked at it]

If you don't know the author or date published, do this:

'Title', Website (URL) [Date you looked at]

Referencing is really, really important. You are allowed to ask your teacher to help you with this - but don't forget to do it.

The exam board (OCR) also has a Guide to Referencing on the web that you can look at.