That Blue Square Thing

Key Stage 3 Computing

This area of the site is still fairly new, but is likely to be an area I'll add content to in the coming years as proper computing becomes more important at KS3.

> Scratch Programming - but not videos for you to follow or step by step instructions with all the thought taken out. No, instead of that I try and make you think...

> Flowol Programming - but not just simple stuff. I use Flowol to get into variables, conditions and repetitions. The sort of stuff that's at the heart of programming

There's finally a little bit of Python. Just a bit for now and it's more related to GCSE. I might add some VBA stuff as well at some point.

> Audio Editing - using Audacity

> Cyber-bullying work

> E-Safety Screensaver - a handy little creative ICT project that also addresses e-safety and digital literacy

> Databases - some old AiDA work that needs sorting out but which might come in handy one day