That Blue Square Thing

ECDL PowerPoint

ECDL is the European Computer Driving License.

Sunnycoombe Holiday Park:

You need to download and save these image files.

Image file iconSunnycoombe Logo - right click and save file as

Image file iconMap of Sunnycoombe - right click and save file as

Image file iconBiking image - right click and save file as

There are two Word documents with text that needs to be copied and pasted on to certain slides.

Word file iconIntro text - right click and save file as

Word file iconActivities list - right click and save file as

Task sheets:

Don't download these. They are here so that you can look at the tasks on screen if you want to.

PDF file iconSunnycoombe 1 - set up

PDF file iconSunnycoombe 2 - master slide

PDF file iconSunnycoombe 3 - headers and footers

PDF file iconSunnycoombe 4 - content

Heart Touch Exercises

Use the logo and the text files to build the presentation.

pdf iconHeart Touch Presentation - original instructions (2008 version)

pdf iconECDL Presentation - more detailed instructions (2019 version)

This task requires:

Image iconHeart Touch Logo.jpg

Txt iconPresentation.txt

Txt iconHealthy Eating.txt

Txt iconExercise.txt

Be careful when copying from the text files. You need to make sure your presentation is fit for purpose.

This means that it should be laid out in a professional way using bullet points to present information. The font should be consistent on each slide and text needs to be at a suitable size. A sensible font needs to be used - Arial, Calibri or Verdana are good choices.

Each slide needs to have a suitable title. The first slide needs to have the title Heart Touch and the subtitle Keeping your heart healthy.