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Functional ICT

I haven't taught Functional ICT for a few years now and was still quite surprised to find out that it was still going. A lot of the help sheets here are aimed at older versions of Office software, but the key ideas should still be vaguely helpful.

Functional ICT is all about using ICT skills in a flexible way to produce documents which are "Fit for Purpose". It's what people outside of school expect you to be able to do with ICT.

The course is assessed through a single exam. You use a computer to produce a series of pieces of work which are printed. Only printed work is marked in this course.

In the exam you might have to:

You need to make sure that you can do all these things without any problems, especially using formulae in spreadsheets.

Key Reminders:

The exam is available at 2 levels:

For both levels it is crucial that you make sure that you type your name, candidate number and centre number (you'll be told the numbers; we hope you know the name by now...) at the bottom of each sheet you hand in. You can't hand write it - and if it's not there the marker will ignore the work!

How to do IT:

The Help Sheets and Exercises page has a number of basic help sheets designed to guide you through most of the basic things you should need to be able to do. You should find you can already do most of these.

There are also a number of basic exercises for you to practice with. Some of these come from past exam papers.

Then there's the Heart Touch Exercises. These are an entire exam paper - at both Level 1 and Level 2

Then the School Trip Activities take you through a set of three entirely typical functional activities. Well worth a look.