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Heart Touch Exercises

Melted keyboard imageThese tasks came from an exam in 2008. They give you a good idea of the range of functional skills tasks you could face.

The tasks are divided into Level 2 (more complex) and Level 1 (easier) tasks. It would be worth trying both sets if you're going to do a Level 2 exam. If you're going to do a Level 1 exam them the Presentation Task for Level 2 might be worth looking at.

The style of Functional Skills exams might have changed a little since these were live tasks, but the key nature of the tasks hasn't changed that much. These are still a good place to start from...

Level 2 :

PDF iconTask1: Letter to a local business

This task requires:

Word iconLetterhead.rtf - right click and save as might be a plan for this type of file

pdf iconTask 2: Donations Spreadsheet

pdf iconTask 3: School Presentation

This task requires:

Image iconHeart Touch Logo.jpg

Txt iconPresentation.txt

Txt iconHealthy Eating.txt

Txt iconExercise.txt

Level 1 :

pdf iconTask 1: Letter to a prize winner

This task requires:

word iconPrize Letter.rtf

pdf iconTask 2: Dance Costs Spreadsheet

pdf iconTask 3: Dance Advert Poster

This task requires:

image iconHeart Touch Logo.jpg

There are more example tasks in the Help Sheets and Exercises section.