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Heart Touch Exercises

I haven't taught Functional ICT for a few years now and was still quite surprised to find out that it was still going. A lot of the help sheets here are aimed at older versions of Office software, but the key ideas should still be vaguely helpful.

These tasks came from an exam in 2008. They give you a good idea of the range of functional skills tasks you could face.

The tasks are divided into Level 2 (more complex) and Level 1 (easier) tasks. It would be worth trying both sets if you're going to do a Level 2 exam. If you're going to do a Level 1 exam them the Presentation Task for Level 2 might be worth looking at.

The style of Functional Skills exams might have changed a little since these were live tasks, but the key nature of the tasks hasn't changed that much. These are still a good place to start from...

Level 2:

PDF iconTask1: Letter to a local business

This task requires:

Word iconLetterhead.rtf - right click and save as might be a plan for this type of file

pdf iconTask 2: Donations Spreadsheet

pdf iconTask 3: School Presentation

This task requires:

Image iconHeart Touch Logo.jpg

Txt iconPresentation.txt

Txt iconHealthy Eating.txt

Txt iconExercise.txt

Level 1:

pdf iconTask 1: Letter to a prize winner

This task requires:

word iconPrize Letter.rtf

pdf iconTask 2: Dance Costs Spreadsheet

pdf iconTask 3: Dance Advert Poster

This task requires:

image iconHeart Touch Logo.jpg

There are more example tasks in the Help Sheets and Exercises section.