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AQA Computer Science GCSE

July 2019: the AQA CompSci area is almost complete. Most of the content for units 3-6 is now up and there's quite a lot of Unit 7 material. There's still some work to do, particularly on Paper 1 units, but it's getting there.

Networks - Revision

This unit appears on both exam papers, but mainly on Paper 2.

On paper 1 the marks seem to just be for some use of boolean logic - in particular Truth Tables, although there could be some use of logic gates. Nothing else really fits with paper 1.

This means that most of the unit gets assessed on Paper 2 which is where the knowledge based questions come in. So you have to learn definitions and be able to explain how things work. There will be some marks in a logic gate question to work out as well.

Revision materials

PDF iconSyllabus content - a slightly edited version of the syllabus document showing what you need to know in some detail

PDF iconKey definitions and knowledge - a summary of the things you need to learn all on one slide

PDF iconLists from the syllabus - the lists of key points you need to be trying to use in answers

There is quite a lot of technical detail in this unit. It might help to produce sets of revision notes which get gradually shorter each time you work through a section.

An example of what this might look like is shown below. This is only part of the unit: the aim would be to start with a number of pages for the whole unit, but eventually to get the content down to no more than 2 sides (this is a large unit compared to units 5 or 6).

Test iconCPU performance revision example

Test iconHardware & Software Multiple Choice Test - this is the same quiz as on the Software Types page

PDF iconLogic diagrams - some slides with diagrams on that can be used as preperation