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Creative iMedia 2024

This page is for the new iMedia syllabus for 2024 onward. I'll be adding stuff to this section from September 2023 onwards.

R098 – Visual imaging – Portfolio Task 1

The task will be given to you on paper. Make sure you read it carefully.

The whole portfolio should take you about 15 hours to complete. This is for all three tasks – Task 1 should take 5 to 6 hours. The total mark for the portfolio is out of 70.

In Task 1 you will have to:

Make sure you include all three parts of Task 1 in your work.

There are templates you can use to help come up with your evidence for this task.

The Markgrid:

There are 20 marks for Task 1. Use the markgrid to help make sure you do everything needed.

Topic Area 1: Plan visual imaging portfolios
Portfolio Markgrid - Task 1

Don't forget that you can use the templates below to help with the second and third parts of the markgrid.


You are allowed to use these exam board produced templates to help with your planning for this task.

These are templates produced by OCR which you are allowed to use. I'm providing them here because it's easier to do that than put them somewhere else. I'm not claiming they're mine and haven't changed them other than to make sure they download properly on a non-Windows computer...