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Drawing Basic Charts

This deals with drawing bar charts (or coluns charts as Excel likes to call them), pie charts and line charts.

There are a couple of tricky things you need to be able to do, so follow the instructions carefully and work through the guides in order.

First, download the spreadsheet.

Excel file iconBiscuits Spreadsheet

Now follow the instructions...

PDF file iconBar Charts 1 - simple bar charts

PDF file iconBar Charts 2 - adding axis labels (a really important skill)

PDF file iconBar Charts 3 - multiple bar charts

You can use the same spreadsheet to learn how to create pie charts.

PDF file iconPie Charts - simple pie charts

Producing Line Charts

To produce line charts, use a different spreadsheet.

Excel file iconClimate Data Spreadsheet

Follow the instructions...

PDF file iconLine Charts - producing line charts

More Spreadsheets for Charts

You can work with the data in these spreadsheets to draw more charts.

Excel file iconFishing Competition Spreadsheet

Excel file iconCar Data Spreadsheet

More Complex Charts

There are also guides on how to produce more complex charts such as climate charts and flood hydrographs. These aren't needed for the ECDL exam, but if you're good at using them it can only help.