That Blue Square Thing

Key Guide:
This is all the syntax you need to know.

AQA Computer Science GCSE

This page is up to date for the AQA 8525 syllabus for exams from 2022.

More Complex SQL

SQL becomes a little more complex when you want to get data from multiple tables.

The key is to remember how the tables are joined together.

Airport database - a relational database with two tables

You can get experiment with this database with SQLite online.

> SQLite online

Here's the database creation code so that you can try it out in SQLite.

Text file iconAirports database code - copy and paste the code. Don't forget to use DROP TABLE demo; to remove the demo table

Part 1: Some simple queries

The database contents and some simple queries to think about first:

PDF iconAirports database tasks

Part 2: Introducing multi-table queries

The slides from class introduce the idea of using queries across multiple tables:

PDF iconMulti-table queries - slides from class

PDF iconA single slide summary

And some exercises to try using a mix of single table and multi-table queries:

PDF iconAirport database questions - questions from class

PDF iconSlides with the questions on from class (but not the answers...)

Here are those SQL syntax rules again:

PDF iconSQL syntax rules

A data problem

This is an idea I want to think about at the end of the unit:

PDF iconA data management problem