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Teacher Resources

It turns out that I occasionally either have some good ideas or steal ideas off of someone else.

Sometimes those things are connected to a geography or computing in a clear way - in which case they will be in the right sort of place. At other times the idea or thing is pretty general. In which case it might end up here (or linked from here).

The Only Connect stuff is on the Only Connect page as there's quite a lot of it so it gets its own page.

Lesson Planning Stuff

Teep circle planSomeone asked for some lesson planning templates, so here are the 3 TEEP ones that we have on the school network. They aren't exciting and they aren't cool, but you'll never know when I'll need one if Ofsted walks through the door...

MS Word iconSimple TEEP plan

MS Word iconDetailed TEEP plan - my gut feeling is that this is far too detailed and lacks space

MS Word iconCircular TEEP plan - my preferred option as it's bound to confuse any inspector and adapts quite well to arced pieces of work which might take more than one session to complete (this is the plan over on the right there...)

What do you Know grids

This is an idea from some TEEP training. Allegedly it goes down rather well with men in suits as it allows even the dimmest suit to realise that people have been making progress.

The original version of this used actual post-it notes place on a basic grid (I think it might have had an extra box somewhere on it). That makes it easily reusable - well, assuming you have an infinite supply of post-it notes (hint: try History departmental stores. They usually have all sorts of useful stuff in them...).

You can then use the grids in all sorts of different ways.

PDF iconWhat do you Know grid - PDF version for people without Word

MS Word iconWhat do you Know grid - a Word version so you can use the idea (but feel free to link people back to here by all means...)

Using post-its has the advantage that you can get the kids to stick their questions up on a wall and then use them as the basis for following lessons - which is probably quite a good idea generally.

Some Game Show bits and bobs

Screenshot of ppt (with satire)MS PowerPoint iconMillion Pound Drop - a minor hack of a PowerPoint made by Paul Sturtivant over at the SLN forum which will allow a short million pound drop set of questions to be run. Perhaps as one of those plenary things.

The idea is all Paul's, all I did was tweak it a little and embed the music rather than link it to a file. The music came from You Tube so I guess it must be copyright free as otherwise it wouldn't be on You Tube...

The Powerpoint seems to work in all versions as far as I can tell. The money isn't draggable - although I'm working on that. The sound will play in versions of PowerPoint from 2007 onwards it seems (and it'll play automatically and it should be embedded), including for Macs.