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AQA Computer Science GCSE

This page is up to date for the AQA 8525 syllabus for exams from 2022.

Networks - Revision

This unit only appears on Paper 2.

This means that questions on it will be knowledge based. You need to learn definitions and the key knowledge elements of the syllabus and will have to write about them.

There may be longer questions on any part of this unit as well as hacking and cracking. The whole unit crosses over in to Unit 8 (ethics) territory.

Revision materials

PDF iconSyllabus content - a slightly edited version of the syllabus document showing what you need to know in some detail

PDF iconBooklet to print - an active way to revise the key knowledge required

PDF iconKey definitions and knowledge - a summary of the things you need to learn all on one slide

PDF iconLists from the syllabus - the lists of key points you need to be trying to use in answers

PDF iconRevision notes - a way of revising. The notes have been started to show you how you might organise the whole unit on one side of paper (or two sides, or a piece of A3 paper - depending on the size of your handwriting.

Note: you will need to be able to write about any of the points on the summary. It's not enough to know that they exist, you need to be able to write about them as well (so, what is MAC address filtering, how does it work, what are the problems with it).

Content summaries:

A couple of things that are tricky to learn:

PDF iconAdvantages and Disadvantages of Wired and Wireless networks - along with some Unit 8 EEL work

PDF iconProtocols - summary of what each one does

Multiple-choice Test

Try an online multiple choice test to check your understanding of key points:

Test iconNetworks Multiple Choice Test 1wiki link

Test iconNetworks Multiple Choice Test 2wiki link

These are Google forms, but you don't need to be signed in to do them and can do them as many times as you want.