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BTEC First Business Unit 2 – Finance for Business

Note: this page was written for the 2012 BTEC First Award in Business. Although this still exists, I've not taught it for ages and the stuff here might be out of date. I'm leaving it here as an archive in case anyone finds it useful.
I was going to retire these pages in July 2021, but having looked at Google Analytics it seems people still use them. There's probably a business lesson there about knowing your client base or something...

So, someone had a good idea that I should teach Business Studies once.

With one thing and another it never really happened very much, so I only ever developed one of the units. As it happens that was the Finance for Business exam unit.

Finance for Business

The unit is broken down into 4 main themes:

The Edexcel/Pearson website for the course is here: Exam board pageswiki link

Exam Preparation

The exam for this unit was an onscreen test lasting 1 hour.

There are revision materials on each of the pages - bear in mind that I've no idea what the current course is like so these may not be super-relevant these days.

PDF iconExam Formulae - all the formulae you needed to know and be able to use in one place. There were only 6 of them!