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BTEC First Business

Note: this page deals with the 2012 BTEC First Award in Business. Although this still exists, I've not taught it for ages and the stuff here might be out of date. I'm leaving it here as an archive in case anyone finds it useful.

Flying saucer restuarant signageSo, someone had a good idea that I should teach Business Studies once.

With one thing and another it never really happened very much, so I only ever developed one of the units. As it happens that was the Finance for Business exam unit.

The exam is an online test and the pages I've kept up seemed to work well enough to help prepare people for the test. If it's of any use to anyone then that's great.

Exam Board Website

The Edexcel/Pearson website for the course is here: Exam board pages.

This includes some retired test materials for the finance exam:

Course materials > External assessments > filter for Unit 2 (tick box on the left)

They seem like they'd be a good thing to check out before doing the exam. The examiner's reports are probably useful to look through as well.