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AQA Computer Science GCSE

This page is up to date for the AQA 8525 syllabus for exams from 2022.

Cyber Security - Malicious code

Malicious code is computer code written to damage a system, to steal data or to be intrusive in some way. It is generally called malware.

The three types of malware you need to know about are:

Note that in some ways the effects of each of these can be similar - viruses, trojans and spyware can all be used to steal data, for example. The key difference is in terms of how they get their way into a computer system in the first place.

PDF iconMalware slides - intro slides from class

PDF iconManaging Malware - slides illustrating ways in which malware can be managed

PDF iconMalware notes - textbook double page spread

PDF iconTable to print - if you need a framework for note taking

Malware Examples

It's helpful to read about some real world examples of security issues caused by malware:

Hacking is an area that will be covered by longer exam questions on paper 2 as it falls within the Unit 8 - Ethics section of the syllabus.