That Blue Square Thing

BTEC First Business

Unit 2 - Finance

This unit is tested by a 1 hour exam. The exam will be online.

> Costs and Revenue

> Break-even Analysis

> Budgeting and Cash Flow Forecasts

> Financial Records - income statements and balance sheets

Exam Preparation

The exam for this unit is an onscreen test lasting 1 hour.

> Sample online assessment - unit 2 - try the sample assessment to get practise with exam questions and try out the computer interface

There are revision materials on each of the pages. I'm hoping to develop more interactive materials over the holidays. Keep checking back!

PDF iconExam Formulae - all the formulae you need to know and be able to use in one place. There's only 6 of them!

I've put these resources here partly to help with revision but also to help with homework - particularly when people can't remember definitions and so on. The homework sheets are copyrighted so I can't put those up on the web.

Note that this stuff was put up here in the winter of 2014. Some of it might be out of date by now - syllabuses change and so on. I'm leaving it here mainly because I know at least one teacher in one school uses it.