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Creative iMedia 2024

This page is for the new iMedia syllabus for 2024 onward. I'll be adding stuff to this section from September 2023 onwards.

R093 – Introducing Obidos Media

Digital media industry companies and be very big or very small.

An example of a small media industry company is Obidos Media.

PDF iconFind out about Obidos Media (slides to use in class)

Obidos Media are involved in a project to create recipe cards. Find out about how they work using these resources:

PDF iconFind out about the project (sheet to use)

PDF iconQuestion sheet

PDF iconExam style question sheet

A speech bubble exercise:

PDF iconTask slide

PDF iconSpeech bubbles to print

The Advert

Susana has a job for you...

PDF iconTask slides

Images to use:

JPG iconTablecloth – this is already the perfect size

JPG iconBurger

JPG iconCarrots

JPG iconBroccoli

There's a reminder of some skills from Year 9:

PDF iconSkills Guide

PDF iconUsing Text in Photoshop

PDF iconCombining images in Photoshop

Design sketch document:

PDF iconDesign sketch – for me to print

Client brief vocab

PDF iconKey vocab about client briefs