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Creative iMedia 2024

This page is for the new iMedia syllabus for 2024 onward. I'll be adding stuff to this section from September 2023 onwards.

R093 – The Media Industry: Legal Issues

There are a number of legal issues which affect the media industry.

This block will get added to throughout the course. It'll start out just focussing on the best way to source images and the legal issues surrounding this.

2.1 – Intellectual Property Rights

Everything on the internet belongs to someone.

PDF iconIntellectual Property Rights – slides

PDF iconImages and the Law

PDF iconTasks

2.2 – Dealing with IP Rights

Media producers often need to use assets which belong to other people.

You need to know some of the ways they might deal with those assets.

PDF iconDealing with IP Rights – slides

PDF iconTasks

Note that I mainly talk about images. But this all applies to sound, music, video and any other asset that might be used by a media producer.

2.3 – How to Source Copyright Free Images

These's a task that illustrates some of the ways you can source images.

PDF iconVideo Game Task

To do this, use the list of copyright free sources.

You'll need to record your images in an assets table. You'll use one of these in your portfolio work, so this is good practise.

Word file iconAssets table

You need to know how to use an assets table properly.

PDF iconExample assets table – how to fill it in

PDF iconHow to find the Image Properties

Image resolution is really important.

PDF iconWhat is Image Resolution – slides

PDF iconConverting to 300 ppi

2.4 – How to Set Up a Photoshop Document

This is really part of unit R094 – Visual Identity and Digital Graphics, but it follows on well from sourcing copyright free images. It might move at some point.

Once you have images, you need to be able to create a product from scratch. Once you know how to do this it's easy enough, but you need to set up two or three products first to learn it.

Start with a simple product:

PDF iconHow to set up a document – the advert

Then try something a bit more complex:

PDF iconHow to set up a book cover – front and back with a spine

And then try a game cover:

PDF iconHow to set up a game/DVD cover – the dimensions

PDF iconHow to set up a game/DVD cover – instructions

To put text on the spine you need to know how to rotate it. This is the best way to do it:

PDF iconHow to rotate text

Here's a video of a commercial printer to demonstrate the difference between the printers you might use and a real one. This is why 300ppi is important!