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Creative iMedia 2024

This page is for the new iMedia syllabus for 2024 onward. I'll be adding stuff to this section from September 2023 onwards.

R093 – The Media Industry: Sectors, Products and Jobs

The media industry is everywhere. It's complex and we need to be able to divide it up.

PDF iconThe Media Industry – intro slides

1.1 – Sectors in the Media Industry

To help simplify the media industry, we can divide it into sectors and sub-sectors.

There are two main sectors. Each sector is divided into four sub-sectors that you need to know about (there are more sub-setors, but you only need to know the four listed for each sector).

PDF iconSectors in the Media Industry – slides

PDF iconQuestions on sectors

1.2 – Media Industry Products

The media industry produces a wide range of products.

You need to make sure that you know the basics about 13 or 14 different sorts of products produced by the media industry. Just makes sure that you know the real basics there's no need to know lots of detail about each of these, just what they are.

PDF iconMedia Industry Products – slides

PDF iconQuestions on products

PDF iconUK Computer Game Industry – case study

1.3 – Stages of Production

Projects are divided up into three stages of production – pre-production, production and post-production.

The jobs that get done in each stage are the interesting thing about this.

PDF iconStages of Production – slides

It's good to look at this through an example project. Remember that advert?

PDF iconThe Stages of the Advert Project – slides

PDF iconAdvert stages tasks

PDF iconAdvert Project – table to print

1.4 – Jobs in the Media Industry

There are lots of different jobs in the media industry.

You need to know a little bit about 19 jobs! These are divided into three groups.

PDF iconJobs in the Media Industry – slides

PDF iconJobs tasks

Here's a little detail about each of the 19 jobs.

PDF iconCreative Job Roles

PDF iconTechnical Job Roles

PDF iconSenior Job Roles