That Blue Square Thing

Photoshop 2023

This is a basic idea of what could be done.

1 – Basic Photo Editing

Straightening, cropping, composing - Rule of Thirds - saturation or similar - add a layer so that it saves as a PSD, spot heal tool to remove seagulls (and possibly boat at bottom left if it won't crop out). Downloading, renaming, folders, saving.

PDF iconThe basics of Photoshop

PDF iconSlides from class – Rule of Thirds

PDF iconComposing an image – Guide 1

PDF iconImproving an Image – Guide 2

PDF iconTools lesson 1

PDF iconAdjustment layers – quick guide

Image iconHalifax harbour

There's a lot to do with the photo, but that can be simplified.

Image iconColour edit

2 – Gallery, folders and spot heal tool

Make a gallery in PowerPoint - requires image from last lesson (retrieval!) to be saved as a JPEG first so can teach about formats a bit here.

I might do the majority of the clearing out of the user area here - tie in with need to retrieve the image quickly etc...

Straightening, cropping, composing - Rule of Thirds - saturation layer, clone tool to remove building at bottom. Possible black and white and colour pop. Downloading, renaming, saving as.

PDF iconSlides from class – Bitmap theory

PDF iconSlides from class – web version for lesson page

PDF iconLighthouse image guide – Guide 3

Image iconOrfordness lighthouse

There's lots that can be done, but it can also be simplified.

Image iconColour edit

Image iconB & W colour pop edit

3 – Selective colour and layer masks

Add to the gallery - retrieve, save as etc... Use of layer mask and black/white brush to remove colours. Can have different sat layers added if needed. Screenshot of layer stack as added skill. Adding text somehow - not sure what theme to use here? Want to add using a text layer in somewhere to setup 5.

Image iconDucks image - I'll see if I can find the original version of this so that it's bigger

PDF iconSlides – Selective colour (web version)

PDF iconOne slide summary of image file types

PDF iconBasic ducks image guide – Guide 4

PDF iconAdvanced ducks – three colours

The layer mask is quite advanced but isn't too tricky - the added colours are extension. I can't think of a good maritime image for this but I like the skill idea.

Image iconEdited version

4 – Batman and the Lighthouse

Add to the gallery, crop, removing backgrounds, combining images, resize.

Image iconBatman image

Image iconLighthouse background image

PDF iconSlides – Combining images

PDF iconMulti slide summary of bitmap image types

PDF iconCombining images Batman – Guide 5

PDF iconAdding a shadow – screenshots need updating

A shadow can be added with a bit of trickery - we can talk about how you can tell if an image has been photoshopped.

Image iconEdited version

Image iconVersion with shadow

5 – Postcard making

Combines all the skills. We could provide these images in a shared folder (??) and provide choice - different download skill. Could have a basic project brief and a generic design sketch to show the layout and they have to follow that. Then add a "greetings from..." note to it (with a stroke layer style) and the national flag of the place (we cab dig these out but make them too big). Could crop to postcard size if we really want to.

Images to use:

Image iconPeggy's Cove lighthouse

Image iconCanadian flag

PDF iconTask slide

PDF iconExample postcards

PDF iconInstructions

PDF iconPostcard Assessment Markgrid

General Guides

PDF iconRemoving backgrounds and combining images

PDF iconCombining images – a more complex to explain way

PDF iconAdding text