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Geography Resources

Riverside housing and river in NorwichI used to teach geography, so I've got a few half-decent resources that might be helpful.

In particular, there are spreadsheets to help produce beach profiles, kite diagrams, climate graphs and flood hydrographs. And the Interactive Weather Maps are pretty cool.

You might also fancy some of the resources on the Only Connect page, including a very easy to use Missing Vowel round.

And there's plenty of other stuff that's probably still pretty good to use.

Mrs Endo Mystery

These are the original version of the Mrs Endo mystery cards from the old National Curriculum assessment packs from the 90s.

I didn't write them - although I did copy type this version. The copyright almost certainly belongs to someone else, but I imagine the packs themselves have more or less disappeared from circulation. To me this is a really important piece of work - to have government providing such an innovative form of assessment still shocks me. Good work, even after all these years, and an important resource to come back to when writing mysteries.

Over the years various versions have surfaced, many of which are a bit different from these - just in minor little ways. I still have a copy of the original booklet so adapted the versions I could find to get back to the original, untouched wording. At some point I may get around to doing something with the guidance that came with them as well!

pdf iconThe Mrs Endo Cards. It's simple - the cards tell a story. In the story someone dies. Who and why. And then unpack the complexities of earthquake casualties for as long as you want.

It's the Kobe earthquakeExternal link icon from 1995 of course, for anyone far too young to remember...

Continents of the World

This is a very simple world map with draggable labels using some cool JavaScript. Simple, but hopefully simple enough to form the basis of a tutorial to allow people to create their own versions

> Continents of the World map

> Continents and Oceans of the World map

I've deliberately chosen a Pacific centred map by the way. Partly because it was the best free use one I could lay my hands on quickly, and partly because I thought it might be interesting to present a Pacific centred view of the world for a change.