That Blue Square Thing

Cool IT Stuff :

Some links to interesting or just plain cool tools that might come in handy.

Image Stuff:

PixlrExternal link - an online graphic tool which will do some of the same jobs as Photoshop

Sumo Paintwiki link - a simple to use image editing tool. A Year 3 child told me about it as they use it at his school...

dafontExternal link - wide range of fonts and font types which you can try out - great for creating banner text for example

Big Huge Labswiki link - for cool image stuff like mosaics and motivational posters

Online Planning Tools

Mind MupExternal link - for making mind maps

MilanotesExternal link - for mood boards (signup required)

GliffyExternal link - for making flow diagrams and the like

Sound Stuff:

AudacityExternal link - the most excellent audio editing thing. You'll want the Lame encoder as well - the Audacity site will tell you how to get it.

Web Stuff:

Survey MonkeyExternal link - is a cool way of creating your own online surveys. Limited slightly by what you can do with the free version (notably to 10 questions and only 100 responses per survey) but still really rather cool.

HighSlide Gallery ToolsExternal link - very cool ways of creating a neat gallery effect using JavaScript rather than flash. I've tried this out and it does really work rather well.

Typewriter Sound

Here's a brief (under 5 seconds) Typewriter sound I edited down. Someone might want to download it... (right click and save as may work best here)