That Blue Square Thing


Older stuff at the bottom which needs sorting out.

1 – What is a computer?

PDF iconStarter ex

PDF iconSlides (web version)

PDF iconTask sheet

PDF iconTrue/False activity

PDF iconPresentation extension task

2 – Hardware and Software

PDF iconSlides - PDF iconSlides 2023

PDF iconTasks

PDF iconOdd One Out sheetPDF iconOdd One Out sheet 2023

PDF iconOdd One Out slidesPDF iconOdd One Out slides 2023

3 – Binary numbers

PDF iconStarter ex (web version)

PDF iconCode slide

PDF iconCode hint slide

PDF iconASCII table

PDF iconBinary Slides

PDF iconBinary tasks

PDF iconBinary question sheet

PDF iconSwitches slides

4 – Inside the computer

PDF iconStarter TF ex

PDF iconInside the computer slides

PDF iconInside the computer – Word document to download and complete

PDF iconInside the computer – PDF version to use by hand

PDF iconScreen extension task – can be used at any point

4.5 – 2D Building a Computer

PDF iconComponents

PDF iconCase

PDF iconInstructions v1

PDF iconInstructions v2

5 – Networks

PDF iconMissing vowels

PDF iconNetworks

PDF iconTransistors

PDF iconBluetooth extension task – can be used at any point

A famous computer scientist

PDF iconBiography template – Word document to download and complete