That Blue Square Thing

Programming in Python

A range of things using Python.

Some of these are sets of programmed instructions to develop some Python skills, some of them are teaching resources and ideas.

Using Python at home

You can download versions of Python to install on your own computer.

Official Python download site

You'll need to install this on your machine so will need admin rights to do that - or get your responsible adult to deal with that for you.

Python online

Rather than installing Python, there are online IDEs. This one seems to be reliable and work can be downloaded to save it locally:

Online Python IDE

This is the simplest IDE to use and it's easy to download and upload python files.

Another online Python IDE

The Code Today online IDE is slightly different and seems to download code as zip files. These then have to be unzipped before they can be uploaded again. Which is odd. It's easiest to copy and paste into a text file instead.

This one works best for the ways in which I teach you how to use Turtles. So if you're using Turtles, use this one!

Code Today Python IDE

Code Today is slightly better for some tasks though which is why I keep the link here.