That Blue Square Thing


A mixture of different activities involving spreadsheets, research, presentation skills, algorithms and some programming.

1 – Lighthouses spreadsheet

PDF iconIntro to lighthouses

PDF iconWhat are spreadsheets – intro slides

There's a map of the lighthouses that can be used:

Lighthouses map

The tasks need the lighthouses spreadsheet.

Excel file iconLighthouses spreadsheet – to download

PDF iconTask slide

PDF iconInstruction sheet – to print

PDF iconAnswers to questions

There's also a task to make a spreadsheet from scratch. It depends on how much time s available what it best to do here.

PDF iconMaking a Lighthouses Spreadsheet – to print

Graph tasks

Excel file iconLighthouses graphs spreadsheet – to download

PDF iconDrawing graphs instructions

There are some general spreadsheet tasks as well should they be needed:

PDF iconMedals spreadsheet slides

PDF iconGuide to making a medals spreadsheet – to print

PDF iconUses of spreadsheets

2 – Lighthouse research

Researching and presenting information in PowerPoint but doing it in an interesting way.

PDF iconTask slides

PDF iconStoryboard sheet

PDF iconHow to time and loop

There's a set of open source images from Wikipedia/Geograph that can be used:

ZIP file iconImage gallery

3 – Algorithms and sequencing

Moving to use Flowol (version 3 unfortunately) to create algorithms with the lighthouse mimic. General tasks first.

PDF iconWhat are algorithms – intro slides

PDF iconTasks – writing a report

4 – Using Flowol

Basic use of the lighthouse mimic. Taking screenshots to add to the report as well.

PDF iconSlides from class

PDF iconGuide to using Flowol

5 – More advanced Flowol – part 1

Challenges adding in selection.

PDF iconFlowol Challenges – challenges 1 to 4

PDF iconSolutions to the Flowol Challenges

PDF iconTheory slides – not variables

6 – And yet more advanced Flowol – part 2

Challenges using variables and subroutines. These lead on from the 4 challenges above and add three more, ending with an open-ended boss level Morse code challenge.

PDF iconFlowol Challenges – challenges 1 to 7

Challenge 5 deals with variables.

PDF iconUsing variables – slides (these give the answer away fwiw)

PDF iconHow to use variables – instructions on how to add a variable to the lighthouse

Challenge 6 uses subroutines to make everything easier.

PDF iconUsing subroutines

PDF iconTheory slide

And challenge 7 uses Morse code.

PDF iconMorse code slides

JPG iconMorse code

7 – A micro:bit lighthouse

Using a micro:bit to create a lighthouse.

This largely needs adding to, but here's a start.

PNG iconA way of using the micro:bit to create a lighthouse simulation