That Blue Square Thing


Probably computational thinking sort of stuff. Year 9 for now, but this might end up someplace else.

1 – Number guess

Binary search first – getting practical before coming back to the theory bit.

PDF iconIntro slides – web version without second part

PDF iconIntro slides – full version for teacher to use

PDF iconSlides to use in class

PDF iconScratch program sheet 1 – basic version

PDF iconScratch program sheet 2 – adds guesses in

PDF iconTask sheet

There's a set of instructions to turn this into a program.

Instructions for bin search

PDF iconExtending the binary search

2 – Search algorithms

Come back to binary search and then head into linear search with a program to have the computer guess your number.

PDF iconIntro slides – calling back to first lesson

PDF iconBinary search algorithm

PDF iconLinear search intro and algorithm

PDF iconLinear search program in Scratch

There's a set of instructions to code some linear search algorithms.

Linear search program instructions

Text file iconBinary search bot program – not the best program in the world, but it seems to work

Text file iconProgram which allows user to specify the range of values to guess from

3 – Highest Common Factor

Euclid's algorithm.

PDF iconHCF slides

PDF iconWorking sheet to work through

Highest Common Factor program instructions

Text file iconFind a prime number code

4 – Code breaking

Codes. This it didn't really work when I did it the first time and I might skip this now.

PDF iconCode to break

PDF iconSubstitution ciphers slides

In Excel first.

PDF iconExcel slides – a screenshot basically

PDF iconInstructions for using Excel

PDF iconHiding a worksheet

Some Python files:

PDF iconASCII intro

There's an ASCII code table handy.

ASCII code program instructions

Text file iconPlaintext and Ciphertext arrays

Text file iconCreate a random alphabetical cipher

5 – Dice thrower

Dice, probability and Monopoly.

PDF iconIntro slides

Dice thrower program instructions

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