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This page is part of an archive of the old iMedia spec – the one that existed until Summer 2023. People seem to find the resources helpful and I've had a number of requests to put them back online. I should think they'll stay here until I'm confident that the new spec is properly covered. Please be aware that this is out of date material and may not apply in the same way to the new iMedia syllabus.

R081 - Pre-production Skills - exam unit

Research Methods & Legal Issues

You need to know how companies might carry out research using primary and secondary methods.

There aren't many marks on this on the exam, but if you don't know the basics you won't get them.

PDF iconResearch Methods Key Learning - the key points

PDF iconResearch Methods Workbook - a workbook to print and work through

You can find exam questions about research methods on the exam questions page.

Legal Restrictions:

The exam is always about products being used "in a commercial context". That means people will make money out of them.

This means that there are legal issues and restrictions that you need to take into account - copyright, the use of trademarks, intellectual property rights etc...

You need to show that you understand these.

PDF iconLegal issues notes

This content comes into the exam and also each portfolio unit. If you use this in a portfolio, make sure that you don't copy and paste information for this section. Everything must be in your own words. In portfolio units you need to reference any sources you use - including my notes above.