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Creative iMedia

This page is part of an archive of the old iMedia spec – the one that existed until Summer 2023. People seem to find the resources helpful and I've had a number of requests to put them back online. I should think they'll stay here until I'm confident that the new spec is properly covered. Please be aware that this is out of date material and may not apply in the same way to the new iMedia syllabus.

R081 - Pre-production Skills - exam unit

File Management and Formats

There are marks on file management and formats in the portfolio units.

A lot of them are common sense, but there are some specific things that you need to be able to do in the exam as well.

PDF iconFile Management Key learning - slides with everything you need to know

PDF iconFile Management Workbook - printable workbook to work through

PDF iconImage file formats

PDF iconImage file formats table - a table to print and complete

PDF iconVideo and audio file formats

PDF iconVideo and audio file formats table - a second table to print and complete

You can find exam questions about file formats on the exam questions page.