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Creative iMedia

This page is part of an archive of the old iMedia spec – the one that existed until Summer 2023. People seem to find the resources helpful and I've had a number of requests to put them back online. I should think they'll stay here until I'm confident that the new spec is properly covered. Please be aware that this is out of date material and may not apply in the same way to the new iMedia syllabus.

R081 - Pre-production Skills - exam unit

Mind Maps

PDF iconMind Map Key Learning slides - slides to tell you everything you need to know

The Key Learning slides can be used to answer the questions:

PDF iconMind Map Questions - just the questions

PDF iconMind Map Workbook - the same questions with spaces for answers

PDF iconMind Map Knowledge Summary - a printable sheet which summarises the key learning from the slides

There are two quizzes you can try to test your understanding:

Quiz iconQuiz 1

Quiz iconQuiz 2 (T/F)

A good way to produce digital Mind Maps is to use MindMupwiki link, which is a tool that links in to a google account. If you don't have a google account you'll need to make sure that you download or take a print screen of the mind map. You can't save mindmup documents without an account (or download and then upload them), so make sure you do this in one go.

You can find exam questions dealing with mind maps on the exam questions page.