That Blue Square Thing

Key Guides:
A single slide to check when you're asked "how many binary numbers can you represent with 5 bits" or "what is the largest number you can represent using 3 bits". That confusing bit. For more detail see the Unit 3 pages.
PDF iconFormulae - the ones you need to know
This is the 3 (or 5) formulae you need to know for unit 3.

AQA Computer Science GCSE

Year 10 homework

Your homework will always be here. A week after it's due I'll put the answers up. This means you can always come back to homework and check it yourself to help you learn things.

28 September: Binary Qs 1 (answers)

4 October: Binary Qs 2 (answers)

12 October: Binary Addition Qs (answers)

18 October: Binary Shift and Hex Qs (answers)

2 November: Binary Shift and Hex Qs (answers)

15 November: ASCII and Unicode (answers)

22 November: Image representation

30 November: Sound representation