That Blue Square Thing

What is That Blue Square Thing?

Geek pop badge imageThat Blue Square Thing deals mainly with Applied ICT and Computing stuff.

You'll find material supporting the OCR iMedia qualification, especially the exam unit. And there's the 2022 AQA Computer Science GCSE syllabus pretty much covered.

There's also lots of geography lurking around. Take a look, and see what you can find.

QUICK LINKS: things you might be looking for

Year 8 Computing:

> Lesson 4 - Awards badge

Year 11 iMedia:

> iMedia Book Cover

iMedia R082 Digital Graphics

iMedia R085 Website Development

Year 11 Computer Science

Unit 8

AQA CompSci Revision Weekly Questions

AQA CompSci Revision units

There's all sorts of other stuff. Take a look around.