That Blue Square Thing

Referencing That Blue Square Thing

So, if you've used information from That Blue Square Thing in your coursework, portfolio, dissertation, book, article, blog etc... then you might need to reference where you got it from.

This is important. It's letting the people who read your work where you got your information from. It's particularly important for portfolio work if you're a school student.

Please make sure you don't copy anything from here word for word. That's called plagiarism and, if you're caught, it will lead to all sorts of problems - including getting 0 marks for a piece of work. Summarise it in your own words instead.

So, how to reference? I suggest the following as an example:

'What are Digital Graphics' That Blue Square Thing ( 21 June 2019 [accessed 1 April 2025]

So that's: 'name of the page or resource', name of the website (web address of page), date the page was last updated [date you accessed the page]

You can find the date a page was updated at the bottom of the page.

Obviously if you're a university student you'll have been told exactly how your institution wants you to reference. That's cool - that stuff is just for school kids who won't know how how to do it. And journalists, obviously...


If you want to use something from here to make money somehow - including putting it on the web and either charging people to use it or making money from adverts - then you can't. You can ask specific permission to use specific resources and there may be a charge (likely a charitable donation) to do so or I may tell you that you can't. Sorry, not my fault and it's nothing personal.

In particular, I do not expect to find any of my work for sale on the TES. If I do I will pursue you for copyright infringement.

Summary: use what you like but don't try and pass it off as your own work or sell it. And play nice.