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Copyright Free Sounds

For copyright free sounds, try these:

If you need a login you'll need to sign up for one or ask me for a general purpose login. There's usually one on the wall of my classroom by my desk that anyone can use.

You might also use Ben Soundwiki link, but it comes with two health warnings. Firstly, everyone seems to use the same sounds! Seriously – my kids are fed up with hearing the same two or three music files on 8 out of 10 projects. So, check the sound with me first. If it's one I've not heard much I'll let you use it.

Secondly the licensewiki link seems to not allow the work to be changed as it's a "no derivative works" license. So you need to be a little careful how you use it – and, to be honest, I'd avoid it if you can.

And YouTube have released an audio library that you can download and use tracks from. But you have to be signed in to YouTube Studio – the bit where you upload and edit videos. So that's not something you can do in school – but it might be worth a look at home if you already host videos on YouTube.

If you're looking for text to speech websites there are occasionally decent ones out there, some better than others. Text2Speechwiki link is one that seems to work and allows downloads. It's OK to use it for school work but you'd need to include some detail in your assets table.

There are other good places to get copyright free material from that you might not be able to access at school. Ask if you need to and a teacher may be able to access them for you.

Video downloads

Downloading free video is tricky, but here are some decent places to start from.

Kapwingwiki link is an online video editing tool that might be helpful. If you have a Google account you can sign in to it. Otherwise you'll need to edit and export in one session.

Almost seems a shame that the Academy Trust I work for decided to move away from giving everyone a Google account doesn't it... But what do I know?