That Blue Square Thing

Creative iMedia

This page is for the new iMedia syllabus for 2024 onward. I'll be adding stuff to this section from September 2023 onwards.


The exam board has produced six templates that you are allowed to use in your portfolio work. I've included them all here so that it's easy to download them - they are also on the relevant unit pages.

If you use these templates, you should probably say somewhere in your report that you used the OCR provided template(s).

Only use the templates in the units indicated.

World iconAssets table – use for all units
World iconTesting table – R096, R097, R099
World iconChecklist – R095, R098
World iconStoryboard – R095, R096, R098

These are templates produced by OCR which you are allowed to use. I'm providing them here because it's easier to do that than put them somewhere else. I'm not claiming they're mine and haven't changed the layout or content of them, although I have made them easy to download properly on a non-Windows machine...