Quiz Program – Part 1: the basic quiz

Part One Introduction:

These pages will show you how to make a text-based quiz using a programming language called Python.

I'm going to use a mix of multiple choice and text answers. I'll keep things simple to begin with...

Idle menu helper imageOpening Python

This is a little bit tricky, so follow carefully.

  1. First open All Programs and find the Python 3.8 folder
  2. Then open IDLE (Python 3.8 64-bit)
  3. IMPORTANT – click File > New File. This opens a new window with nothing at all in it – like the second screenshot. This is where you'll write your program

The IMPORTANT bit is important!

Idle open helper imageMake sure you're in the right place when you start to write your program. It won't work otherwise!

Once you're ready, start here...

Click here to get started with step 1