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WJEC Applied ICT A Level

Note: this page applies to the WJEC Applied ICT A level specification. I no longer teach A Level Applied ICT so am unlikely to add to the pages very much. They may well get out of date as well. You might want to bear that in mind!

The AS Level is made up of two units:

Unit 1 - eBusiness is assessed through a 3 hour on screen exam. The exam has two parts.

Unit 2 - eSkills is a portfolio unit based on a task the exam board sets.

It usually involves building a complex database as well as other tasks such as a more complex spreadsheet solution or a more fully featured web development task. The work is completed at school and at home but is, in places, really quite technical.

The unit requires you to document your solution using screenshots and write up your work in some detail. It is submitted as an e-portfolio through a series of web pages that provide some of the marks.

The A Level (Year 13) units are Unit 5 - eProject (project management) and Unit 6 - eStudio (developing promotional materials).