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WJEC Applied ICT A Level Unit 2 - eSkills

Note: this page applies to the legacy WJEC Applied ICT A level specification which has now been withdrawn (last resit opportunity in 2019). A new syllabus is available to schools in Wales that seems similar.
I no longer teach A Level Applied ICT but I'll leave these pages up as an archive which might still be helpful for someone, somewhere.

Part 6 - Testing

Testing falls into two parts - prototyping and system testing.

Prototyping is testing designs for features such as data input screens, menus and outputs. This should involve designing what the feature might look like and then testing that design. It ties in very closely with the design of the spreadsheet and database.

Once you've prototyped you need to get feedback and then make refinements to your designs. These are best done by sketching originally, although you might try basic button locations and so on out in the software they'll be used in as a second level of prototyping.

System testing involves the design and running of a series of tests to make sure that your system does what it's supposed to do. Essentially this means testing the Success Criteria you established in the Specification section.

System testing take a while and can wait for now...

The Markgrid

Markgrid for Unit 2 Part 6

PDF iconTesting markgrid - PDF version of markgrid

Note: this markscheme is a copy of one made available freely By WJEC as part of their CPD programme. It is copyright WJEC (probably) and reproduced here simply to make access easier for students. No attempt to claim copyright is being made, although I could have copied the text into my own interpretation...