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WJEC Applied ICT A Level Unit 1 - eBusiness

Note: this page applies to the legacy WJEC Applied ICT A level specification which has now been withdrawn (last resit opportunity in 2019). A new syllabus is available to schools in Wales that seems similar.
I no longer teach A Level Applied ICT but I'll leave these pages up as an archive which might still be helpful for someone, somewhere.

Block Three - Mail Merging

Mail merging allows you to use a set of data, say contact data for clients stored in a spreadsheet, to fill in details on a template to create multiple copies of the template document, each with a different set of details in.

Which is a complex way of saying that you can create individualised letters for lots of people without having to type each address individually if you already have their details stored in a spreadsheet or database.

This is an incredibly useful skill to know how to use - it's saved me hours of typing over the years. It has the potential for endless uses and, if you can master it, for you to become nearly indispensable at a workplace (and gain a reputation for geekness which is, obviously, very cool indeed).

It also makes an appearance in Unit 1 exams on a fairly regular basis, so you need to know how to do it...

How to Mail Merge

The guides will show you how to mail merge. Practice using the data files and templates provided below.

PDF iconHow to Mail Merge - the core guide

PDF iconComplex Mail Merging - specifically how to deal with random decimal points appearing

PDF iconMail Merge from a Database - and how to do simple If - Else statements in a mail merge

Data Files and Templates

First a letter for the Leiston Hotdesking Service...

MS Word iconLetter template

MS Excel iconLHS contacts spreadsheet - with customer details in

Then a merge involving an awkward decimal problem for Sizewell Golf Club...

MS Word iconGolf scores template

MS Excel iconGolf scores soreadsheet

And finally a simple merge from a very simple database...

MS Word iconWildcare template

MS Access iconWildcare database - containing a useful query

Homework - mail merging summary

Write a short report outlining the following:

  1. what is mail merging
  2. two example of how mail merging can be used by organisations
  3. three advantages of mail merging
  4. two disadvantages of or problems with mail merging