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WJEC Applied ICT A Level Unit 1 - eBusiness

Note: this page applies to the legacy WJEC Applied ICT A level specification which has now been withdrawn (last resit opportunity in 2019). A new syllabus is available to schools in Wales that seems similar.
I no longer teach A Level Applied ICT but I'll leave these pages up as an archive which might still be helpful for someone, somewhere.

Block Two - Spreadsheets

You'll almost certainly need to use spreadsheets in both your Unit 1 exam and in your Unit 2 portfolio. This block aims to get you confident quickly in dealing with spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets and how they work

Spreadsheets form one of the core pieces of software in most modern office suites. After a word processor and an e-mail client they're probably the most commonly used piece of office software.

PDF iconSpreadsheets introduction - slides from the first presentation I use in class

PDF iconFormulae and functions - one of the key things to deal with are functions and how they work

Let's start with absolute and relative cell references to make sure you can remember the difference and how to use them.

PDF iconCell references - some simple PowerPoint slides.

MS Excel iconCell References Spreadsheet - download to work through.

Carlton Genealogy Spreadsheet

Toyah Carlton's business is in all sorts of problems. If she used a spreadsheet to sort out her payroll problems maybe it would help?

PDF iconCarlton Genealogy Tasksheet - slightly updated to make it a little clearer

MS Excel iconCarlton Genealogy Spreadsheet - download to work through the tasks. This is version 2 with all the mistakes taken out. Sorry about that...
Text file iconCarlton Jobs file - download and use when required

This will run through many of the core tasks you need to be able to do in the exam for Unit 1. Some might cause you some problems to start with - that's OK, the key is to become familiar with these sorts of tasks and to be able to do them quickly and efficiently.

Don't worry - we'll get more complex quite quickly!

PDF iconImporting txt files - a simple help guide

PDF iconCommon functions - some of the more common functions and their syntax. This will grow as I add them and may even turn into a proper, alphabetical help guide thingummy

Logical Tests and Lookups

Ah, the good stuff...

PDF iconLogical tests - presentation slides

PDF iconLogical tasks to work through

MS Excel iconStudents sheet - to use to work on Logical Tests (aka IF statements)

And to extend this...

PDF iconLoookup tasks to work through

MS Excel iconStylists sheet - to use to work on Lookups

Odds & Ends

Some bits and bobs...

PDF iconFormatting sheets - a simple list

PDF iconCharts - a todo list

Jane Evans Travel Survey Spreadsheet

Jane Evans Travel have been sending out surveys. They need to analyse the results. Guess what? A spreadsheet seems to be in order...

PDF iconJane Evans Travel Survey Tasksheet

MS Excel iconJane Evans Travel survey - download to work through the tasks

Text file iconJane Evans Travel data file - download and use when required

Research Homework

A research based homework considering some of the ways spreadsheets can be used and the advantages and disadvantages of them. This relates to section 1.4 of the exam specification - and could appear in section A of the exam paper (the theory bit).

PDF iconSpreadsheet research task