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WJEC Applied ICT A Level Unit 1 - eBusiness

Note: this page applies to the legacy WJEC Applied ICT A level specification which has now been withdrawn (last resit opportunity in 2019). A new syllabus is available to schools in Wales that seems similar.
I no longer teach A Level Applied ICT but I'll leave these pages up as an archive which might still be helpful for someone, somewhere.

Block one - Web Design

This block develops some key web design skills and is essentially a practical block.The key objectives are:

Organising the web:

File organisation imageIt's crucial to be organised when web designing. You need to make sure that files are located properly and saved with sensible names. Once links are in place you simply can't move a file or change it's name without destroying the link.

Use a sensible folder structure and try to plan roughly your work before you go too far.

PDF iconOrganising your web work - some hints and tips

Web design basics

So, what are we designing for here?

PDF iconWeb Basics - presentation slides

PDF iconFonts for the web - a choice that you need to make well

You might be interested to read this article from the BBC which discusses why Comic Sansexternal link is a bit of a nightmare as a font choice. The use of Comic Sans by the Cleveland Cavaliars owner in a letter to fans has also prompted much discussion, for example at CNNexternal link. Just think twice before you use it!

PDF iconImages for the web - a single slide presentation summarising some key points

PDF iconColours and how they work - a few notes about colours to think about

Building a simple site

This is the sort of site you might need to build in a Unit 1 exam. In this case it happens to be about hotdesking.

They don't always ask for a website in the unit 1 exam, but when they do it tends to consist of two or three pages with some fairly straight forward design ideas thrown in to make sure that you can do the basics. There will be marks for doing what you're asked to do, but also for making sure that the site is readable, consistent and well structured (i.e. laid out at least reasonably).

You need to use the following files to build a simple and functional site following the specification provided for the Leiston Hotdesking Service.

PDF iconSpecification for the LHS site - this contains detailed requirements for the website

These help files are a bit basic for now, but I'll get around to developing them at some point so they can be used for exam revision etc...

You'll find there are more help guides on specific things on the old AQA Software guides page (make sure you look at the Dreamweaver section!)

I would strongly suggest saving all these files first - try right clicking and saving them. This should make your life much easier than having to open them one at a time!

Download these files and then use the specification and the help files to build the site for Leiston Hotdesking Service.

Hotdesking is a way of organising office space to share desks between workers. It can be used within an organisation or allows small business to rent office space (desks or meeting rooms etc...) in a building for a period of time. You can find more about hotdesking on wikipediaexternal link.

More complex webdesign ideas

This is more suitable for developing the sorts of skills you might showcase in your Unit 2 ePortfolio.

For now I'm going to direct you to the old AQA resources and we'll work through a more complex div styled page, developing styles and floating sidebars and all sorts of interesting things.

> The complex webdesign tasks

Gathering information using the web

Modern organisations increasingly use the web t gather information (and opinions) from and about their customers.

Sometimes this is automated information - for example, the use of cookies and by analysing click through information and so on. Sometimes it's information requested from customers.

PDF iconGathering information homework

Other Design Ideas:

There are lots of great webpages out there - some of which you might actually be able to implement in your exam. You can pick up loads of great tips as well.

An alternative way of learning good web design skills is by looking at really, really poorly designed sites. Where would you find these? Try the classic Web Pages That Suckexternal link - a site which catalogues poor web design and uses it to teach good habits. There are some real suckers here - enjoy!