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WJEC Applied ICT A Level Unit 1 - eBusiness

Note: this page applies to the WJEC Applied ICT A level specification. I no longer teach A Level Applied ICT so am unlikely to add to the pages very much. They may well get out of date as well. You might want to bear that in mind!

Unit 1 is the exam unit, dealing with a combination of knowledge and skills which underpin the effective use of ICT in modern eBusinesses.

It's assessed through a 3 hour exam paper, with a 1 hour theory paper based on an unseen case study and a two hour practical ICT skills paper, developing the same case study. Both papers are completed on screen.

I'm going to concentrate on the skills section for now, looking to develop the sorts of skills you'll need for the exam. This will also serve as a way of developing the slightly more advanced skills needed for Unit Two at the same time. Or at least signposting these.

Unit Blocks:

The content for the skills section of the unit is broken down into a number of blocks. Each block is usually about two weeks work, although you might not get all of this done in class time I'm afraid.

I'm still thinking about the precise order to sort the blocks, but I'm looking at: