That Blue Square Thing - Geography Revision

Unit 3 Case Study Questions - MEDC City Centres

Case study questions are a key part of Paper 2.

These questions are usually worth between 6 and 9 marks. If you can do them well you can pick up serious marks.

The key to this sort of question is to develop your answers by explaining what you mean and to use case studies. Use an example even when the question doesn't ask for one - this should be your standard approach. Examiners are particularly looking for evidence that you really know about the place you're writing about. This means it's important to be able to match case studies to each question.

You could go through each question and write an answer for it. I'm happy to mark them - you can e-mail me answers if you want to. Another way of using these questions is to decide how you'd answer each one by brainstorming points. Make sure you can use at least one good case study per question.

The Questions:

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of redeveloping sites close to the CBD in urban areas?
(6 marks)
2. Some shopping centres have been pedestrianised in recent years.
Suggest the advantages and disadvantages of pedestrianisation.
(6 marks)
3. Suggest how the problem of traffic congestion can be solved in city centres.
(8 marks)

This appears to be a very popular question. It'd be well worth the effort revising it well and making sure you have case study information to back it up (more than just park and ride).

4. Urban planning schemes in the city centre include the building of new housing on brownfield sites, transport improvements, predestriaisation and the development of new leisure and shopping centres in the CBD.
How may planning schemes such as these help to regenerate the central areas of cities in MEDCs?
(8 marks)

You can deal with more than one scheme if you want. It would be very useful to include case study information here.

5. For the central area of one or more MEDC towns or cities you have studied, describe the changes which have happened in the CBD and explain why they were made.
(6 marks)
6. How might new transport developments improve the quality of life for people who live in the city?
(6 marks)

You can use the GCSE Markscheme to help you structure your answers.

Remember: 3 or 4 developed points supported with a good case study is much more likely to score high marks than an answer which simply talks briefly about 17 different points.