That Blue Square Thing - Geography Revision

Unit 11 Question - Environmental Issues

This is a 20 mark exam-style question. The marks start small and build towards case study questions at the end - just like the real thing.

You want to aim to take around 25 minutes to do this question. Make sure your answers to the simple questions are accurate and that you develop the longer answers to explain points properly - don't leave things vague. Remember that 2 or 3 well developed points are better than 10 simple points. As always, try and use case studies to back up your answers.

Print the page and have a go at the questions on paper. Then mark your work yourself using the markscheme provided.

a) Explain what the term 'deforestation' means
(2 marks)
b) Suggest reasons why deforestation is occurring in some parts of the world
(4 marks)
c) Economic activities can cause large scale changes to the earth's environment. Choose one example of such a change. Describe the change and suggest reasons for it
(8 mark)
d) Suggest steps which could be taken to reduce further environmental change
(6 marks)

Mark your work yourself using the markscheme provided.

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