That Blue Square Thing

Year 9X2 Computing - Computer Science in a Nutshell

This page has all the resources for the online lesson on 22 February 2021. This is an independent study lesson as there will be no online lessons on 22 February.

Try and work through as much of the exercise as possible. It can be tricky, but you can do this!

You can find the resources for the previous lesson here.

Algorithms and Pseudocode - Putting the Turtle to Work

You used GROK learning before do draw flags. If you weren't in that lesson or didn't get very far, then you may want to go and do that lesson instead. You can find the page for that lesson here.

As well as flags, my Turtle is a big fan of fractals. So let's do fractals.

Go to the GROK Learning website and follow the instructions through. E-mail me with problems - I will try to get back to you during the lesson if I can.

Link to the GROK Learning website

Some of the first exercises in this are the same as the flags one. Then it gets a bit more complex and gets into the idea of repetition (one of the key programming ideas) in more detail. This is the bit to focus on (using for loops).