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Year 9 Computing - Computer programming

First there is a quiz for you to do:

Click here for the quiz

Planning a text based quiz

Today's lesson is about trying to write some program code to create a text-based quiz – just using text.

I have an idea about what I want to do and wrote a basic algorithm to plan my program.

PDF iconThe project brief – what we'll try to make

PDF iconMy algorithm

There is a planning document which might help:

PDF iconPlanning document

Writing Program Code

We'll use a programming language called Python. This just uses words so it's a bit tricky.

You might have used Python when you programmed micro:bits.

> Click here to open the instructions

Follow the instructions carefully and use the screenshots and help buttons.


You need to produce a report for me using screenshots and writing. This is the only way I can check how far you get and what you understand.

PDF iconReport task