That Blue Square Thing

Year 8 Computing - Codes and Ciphers

This page has all the resources for the online lesson on 5 February 2021.

The resources from last week's lesson can be found here

The resources from the next lesson in the sequence can be found here

Cracking Codes

Slides from the lesson

Text File 1 ("MX MW...")

You can use the Tet Analysis Tool as a quick way of trying to solve codes.

Text Analysis Tool

Text File 2 ("OGNY...")

Code grids to use:

Blank Code Grid - PDF document. You cannot edit this one

Blank Code Grid - Word document. You can edit this one

And a grid with Shift 7 and Shift 3 already filled in:

Completed Grid - PDF document. You cannot edit this one


There are two videos to go with this work.

Video 1 - Cracking a Caesar Cipher

Video 2 - Analysing Text to Crack a Cipher