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Year 10S iMedia - R082 Digital Graphics LO2

This page has all the resources for 11 March 2021.

You can find the notes from the previous lesson here.

The next lesson in this sequence can be found here.

R082 Project Brief - the full exam board project brief. This tells you what to do.

Visualisation Diagram jobs for 11 March

Key markgrid slide - 11 March

A video to show you how to produce a visualisation diagram (note: no sound):

LO2 - Catch-up jobs

These are all the other jobs that were covered during online lessons. Some people will have them all done, other people won't have done any. They all need doing and showing to me.

Full list of LO2 Planning jobs

Full list of LO2 (Planning) and L03 (Making) jobs

LO2 markgrid slides - all key markgrid slides for LO2

Catch up pack

Creating digital mindmaps

To create your own Mind Maps, try using Mind Mup.

How to use Mind Mup.

Creating Mood Boards

A video to show how to create a simple mood board.

Useful links:

Legal part:

Legal section markgrid slides

Legal Key Learning Slides

Exam Board Documents:

The exam board documents are here:

R082 Project Brief - the full exam board project brief

LO2 Guidance and Markscheme - the full exam board markgrid for LO2

You can get to the main website content on R082 here.