That Blue Square Thing

Year 10S iMedia - R082 Digital Graphics LO2

This page has all the resources for the online lesson 4 February 2021.

You can find the notes from the previous lesson here.

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LO2 - Planning: Row 1

Jobs to do - 4 February version

Key slides - the key markgrid slides from the online lesson

Creating digital mindmaps

To create your own Mind Maps, try using Mind Mup.

How to use Mind Mup.

Creating Mood Boards

A video to show how to create a simple mood board.

Useful links:

Legal part:

Legal section markgrid slides

Legal Key Learning Slides

Exam Board Documents:

The exam board documents are here:

R082 Project Brief - the full exam board project brief

LO2 Guidance and Markscheme - the full exam board markgrid for LO2

You can get to the main website content on R082 here.