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Animated Weather Forecast

Wind turbines in DenmarkThis task uses Photoshop to create animated weather symbols to use to create a weather forecast. It involves quite a bit of preparation before you can make the symbols themselves.

The weather symbols are made as animated gifs. GIF files can be made to animate when they are used in certain types of documents (webpages and PowerPoint presentations, for example). They are the only type of image file that can be made to do this.

GIF stands for Graphical Interface Format. GIFs can be made in DrawPlus as standard stop-frame animations, but are often easier to do in Photoshop.

Rain weather symbolRain weather symbolRain weather symbol

The Task:

Create a weather forecast for the local area using original animated weather symbols.

The weather report should:

Before you start to produce the weather report, you must:

  1. research what short weather forecasts look like
  2. document this research - in other words, produce evidence to show what you have looked at and what you have found out
  3. produce a storyboard to show your ideas for the weather forecast and sketches to show your ideas for the animated GIFs
  4. write a list of the assets you will need to complete the work. An asset is any file you will require - images, sound files etc...

You should probably produce your report in PowerPoint.

Once you have the graphics done, you will need to record your own voiceover(s) to go with the graphical element of the weather report.

Producing Animated Weather Symbols:

This is about making simple, looping animated GIFs using Photoshop.

First you will need to create the graphics to make the symbols from.

PDF iconCreating the Graphics for Weather Symbols

Once you have all the graphics sorted, you can start to produce each symbol. Remember, you will need to produce at least three different animated weather symbols.

PDF iconMaking Animated Weather Symbols - using Photoshop

These instructions can be a little tricky to explain. Take your time and ask if you need a demonstration.