That Blue Square Thing

Websites (2023)

Hopefully this will ened up with some Dreamweaver bits and pieces as well.

1 – Simple HTML – New Zealand

PDF iconSlides from class – intro to HTML

Start with some HTML to write a page about New Zealand.

PDF iconTask slides

PDF iconInstructions

JPG iconNew Zealand image

JPG iconNew Zealand map image

Some general slides to help with formatting:

PDF iconBolding and centreing

PDF iconLists

PDF iconAdding Hyperlinks

2 – Some theory about how websites work

PDF iconSlides from class

PDF iconTask sheet to complete

3 – Links and image maps

PDF iconHyperlinks and how they work

PDF iconTRAP project brief

Images to use to make an image map:

JPG iconBackground image

JPG iconTiger

JPG iconElephant

JPG iconGolden Poison Frog

4 – Dreamweaver setup

This is really flakey just now...

PDF iconDreamweaver intro

PDF iconVisual guide to setting up Dreamweaver

PDF iconContent for the first page

PDF iconSetup instructions

5 – Adding links and images

PDF iconOrder of work

PDF iconCopying pages

PDF iconDreamweaver links

PDF iconDreamweaver images